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Enhance Alumni and Potential Student Campus Visits Efficiently

The Virtual Concierge Network can provide services to your hotel that you may have never thought possible. By providing the most efficient search of local dining and entertainment options, the VCN touch screen can act as a tool for your staff, or another staff member in its own right!

What is the Virtual Concierge Network?

For universities looking to attract young bright minds, every impression counts. Staying up to date in every sense of the term is key. The same goes for alumni when schools are looking to make a positive and long lasting impression. To take your visitors experience to the next level, Boomerang Dining introduces the Virtual Concierge Network, an in depth restaurant and entertainment database that helps point travelers in the right direction at all times. Whether it be through a link on you school’s website or an eye-grabbing 55 inch touch screen for your visitor’s center lobby, the VCN is always available and always up to date. The VCN can be used as a tool for your admissions staff to guide visitors to the restaurant they’re looking for, or its user friendly interface can be used by the guests themselves with no help necessary. All things considered, there’s nothing like it!

Reach visitors with online restaurant listings on your website – powered by the Virtual Concierge Network. Get campus visitors to the restaurants they’ll enjoy no matter when they decide to look.

Ability to promote to restaurants that becoming featured with your university allows them to be featured with the VCN, allowing them more options to reach campus visitors.

Customizable search results that help students, alumni, and visitors find the perfect dining option 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere

All development and updates of information (menus, hours, phone numbers) is taken care of – our database is constantly up to date. Campus visitors will never have incorrect restaurant or entertainment information.

We work with you to develop a package that fits your needs – physical displays, website specifics, etc., can all be worked into your school’s plan

Listings can be put directly on your site, or provided via a customized link to our site that features restaurants specific to any program.

Bring the VCN to Your School

Send us a message today to get the process started and bring the VCN to your campus. We will get back to you quickly with the answers to any questions you may have about how we can help you better campus visits today!

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Bring the Virtual Concierge Network to your school. Make better, lasting impressions on all of your campus visitors.