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Enhance the Way Visitors and Residents Experience Your Town

The Virtual Concierge Network can provide services to your chamber of commerce that may have never thought possible. By providing the most efficient search of local dining and entertainment options, the VCN can bring your web presence up to date, keep it up to date, and help everyone find the perfect place to go.

What is the Virtual Concierge Network?

Chambers of Commerce are constantly looking for new ways to promote and grow local businesses.  Furthermore, there is always an ongoing effort to increase membership and revenue.  Staying up to date in every sense of the term is key.  Reaching residents and visitors when they are looking for a specific business can be a daunting task.  Teaming with the Virtual Concierge Network will help take your town’s overall website experience to the next level.  Our custom interface will provide an in-depth restaurant and entertainment experience for your website users.  Whether it be through your website or an eye-grabbing 55″ touch screen for your visitor’s center lobby, the VCN is always available and always up to date.  It is perfect for directing people to exactly what they are looking for at any given moment – supplementing the marketing support for Chamber of Commerce members.  All things considered, there’s nothing like it!

Restaurant listings on your website – powered by the Virtual Concierge Network.  We fully develop and manage the associated Chamber member listings; freeing your staff to focus on other activities.  Instantly offer increased value to Chamber members which can drive increased fees and membership count.

Customizable search results that help visitors and residents find perfect dining 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere on our site or your Chamber of Commerce site.

Our teaming packages are very flexible and we work with you to develop a package that fits your needs – Reciprocal marketing efforts can expand service offerings, increase revenue and maximize marketing support for area businesses.

Ability to promote additional value to restaurants by offering expanded Chamber membership packages.  These can offer the option to be featured beyond the Chamber’s website by including participation in the Virtual Concierge Network.

All development and information updates (menus, photos, hours of operation, phone numbers, etc.) for member establishments is taken care of – our staff keeps our database constantly up-to-date.

Listings are provided via your website making the information appear seamless to the user while maintaining SEO credits.

Take advantage of the Virtual Concierge Network

Send us a message today to get the teaming process started.  We will get back to you quickly to answer any questions you may have about how we can help upgrade your local Chamber of Commerce today!

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